The Company

Servicios San Borja is synonymous of a multibrand workshop that for more than twenty years has offered all types of quality services to a wide portfolio of clients who have remained with us to trough the years, confirming our experience, quality service and guarantee, all backed by personalized attention and constant communication with each of our clients.

Our multibrand workshop is always ready to offer you the most competitive solutions also a safe space where you can safely leave your vehicle for maintenance or repair you need. Being a multibrand workshop gives our customers the confidence of knowing exactly what procedures to follow with every car or truck that enters service.


  • Do yo know how to choose a workshop?

    Choosing a workshop to give good service to your vehicle can bring you more than one headache, in our city we have all options: economic, reliable, far, near, with extensive experience in the field or new. In this article you will find tips that will guide you in the seemingly-complicated search for a new workshop for your car.

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